Baidu recapture the Japanese domain name baidu co jp

daily news (reporter Luo Tian) reporter learned yesterday from Baidu, Baidu Japan Branch officially opened the domain name. In order to recapture the domain name was registered, Baidu hit nearly half a year in Japan.

last year, Baidu in Japan, but then found that domain name has been registered, so Baidu had the second best, domain enabled, which is how much influence the promotion of Baidu in japan. domain name of the original holders of CBC Corporation, is a Chinese businessman opened in Hongkong. Mainly engaged in food and beverage business. Baidu in December 2006 to appoint agents and the company to discuss the transfer of domain names. But because the price is too high, the final part. Soon, Baidu Japan filed a domain name objection to the arbitration body of japan. Since then, the arbitration institutions that CBC Corporation’s behavior is registered, and the domain name to Baidu. The parties refused to accept the prosecution to the court, after a lengthy litigation, Baidu Japan finally in July 10th this year, the official access to the domain name ownership, and officially opened yesterday. This will have a positive impact on the promotion of Baidu in the Japanese market. read more

Rising electricity supplier Ali entertainment transformation metrich runaway in bid

Ali recently shot frequently. For his years of painstaking efforts of the electricity supplier industry, Ali had to finally come to the road of reform. As a leading provider of electricity providers, Ali’s long-term goal, turned out to be the electricity supplier to become the integration of the Internet industry chain. Here, Ali realized that the expansion of the size of the market, the key point is that the magnitude of the merchandise discount, as well as the degree of pleasure in the consumer shopping process, the integration of the industry chain, it is to enhance these two points. read more

The Taobao store promotion trick

1, shop introduction

shop is a lot of customers will be on the column. Because the beginning of contact with this shop, to get the store information can only start from here. But often go to Taobao users will find that a lot of shops in this column is very simple to write, even if all the reading is still do not understand the store. So if you want to win these customers, you should think about how to write. Can consider their own advantage, or store real pictures put up, it will receive very good results. read more

Reporter undercover occupation bad teacher group revealed the process of committing the crime

recent media reports focused on a poor teacher occupation harm to network sellers, even the day, reporters to join the three occupation bad teacher group undercover, find out their crime process: to find the target – Single – buyer seller negotiation group – the collective into compromise. Taobao (micro-blog) in response to the need to improve the loopholes in the system to prevent the professional assessment of rampant.

QQ group members of poor training

reporter found that the search online to poor evaluation Union, Taobao bad evaluation in the name of the QQ group there are many, many have refused to join strangers, a small number of dozens of people, there are hundreds of large scale. Reporters apply for three of them, found the QQ group sharing of resources, a day may "hunt" to about 10 targets, their single threat to the poor seller, if the seller requests them to change the evaluation, they have to "compensation to the seller". read more

Open platform Jingdong mall location is not clear the lack of effective management problems are freq

B2C platform Tmall mall’s rapid development, so that some of the Jingdong’s own B2C mall can not bear, so it also launched an open platform, inviting all businesses settled. As the largest and most well-known independent B2C mall mall, Jingdong has been the object of attention and study the electric businessman, business academics in 369 school survey found recently by the Jingdong mall open platform is developing rapidly, but there is poor management and unclear positioning problem. read more

Do you know how to make good use of these 4 kinds of materials

I do drill exhibition more than a year’s time, a total of 3 million yuan has been spent, summed up the material produced several ideas, for your reference.

is the first to give a copy, made by the designer alone. This is a relatively simple idea, is a more common method. Drilling operations personnel to the corresponding resource size and copy to the designer, the designer according to their own experience to the composition, and finally produced the material of the drill exhibition.

second is done by brainstorming. Specifically how to operate it? read more

Vip com network domain name fighting

is called a quality network, a It turned out that the product is the official website of the domain name, and domain name is Now, the two companies do not want to continue the embarrassment of the same name, recently replaced the domain name.

this phenomenon is not uncommon in china. This year, Jingdong mall, Yi Xun, one shop and other well-known electricity providers have announced the opening of a new domain name. In accordance with the repetition rate of Chinese well-known enterprise brand electronic commerce association network intellectual property promotion center issued the "investigation report" shows that the most valuable brands in the world top 50 enterprises brand repetition rate reached 70%, while the Chinese top 50 most valuable brands in the repetition rate reached 42%. According to the "report" of the domain name service and security Chinese statistics, China’s current domain name server nearly one million, but more than 50% of the domain name server is relatively safe, there is an important risk domain name information system 57%. read more

Online shopping 7 days no reason to return comments these seven categories of goods can not be retur

[global science and technology reported Zhou Tao] today, SAIC announced the network to buy goods seven days no reason to return the implementation approach and to the public for comments. "Draft" clear, online commodity sellers should perform seven days no reason to return obligations. The operators sell goods by television, telephone, mail order, reference to these measures. The measures shall come into force as of March 15, 2017.

"draft" does not apply to seven days no reason to return goods made provisions, including: consumer made goods; perishable goods; consumer online download or unpacking of audio and video products, computer software and other digital products; the delivery of newspapers, periodicals, change the nature of the goods; to affect personal safety or the life and health of the goods after the easy unpacking; activation or derogatory commodity value larger after the trial; the sale of goods have expressly near the shelf life of goods, defective. read more

The feasibility analysis of direct selling mode in website promotion

Direct sales model

friends should be very clear. It is a multi-level marketing team paid way, allowing personnel to assist in the recruitment and training of new personnel, and allow them to drive the team because of labor payment according to the performance of the team.

One of the biggest benefits of

direct sales should be to help businesses save shop rent, staff salaries and advertising and other aspects of the operating costs, the model can be applied to the website promotion?


website is like a small business, not a lot of capital are less likely to take a lot of advertising to do publicity. In order to effectively reduce the cost and achieve good propaganda effect, are looking for a good way to promote their own website. But is still struggling to put off the dependence and search some of the traditional advertising models such as the exchange link exchange. read more

Microsoft to ridicule their competitors to highlight their marketing weaknesses

Apple started in June to go to Google, and the Siri voice assistant to provide search engine services will be changed, for Apple’s high-profile collaboration with Microsoft, Microsoft should return more of the spirit of cooperation, but not think over the next few days through the exposure of the Microsoft Siri voice assistant Apple products under an advertisement, and analysis of the Apple iPad and other intelligent tablet computer vulnerabilities, highlighting the advantages of its windows8 tablet computer, from the advertising content, Microsoft seems to be perfect, the technology is there at the capital, but from the marketing aspect shows Microsoft’s short board. read more