China domain name and Cn which is more suitable for the development of Chinese e commerce

has recently been fired the Chinese results will raise a Babel of criticism of the domain name, officially opened in July. The number of customer access to Chinese domain names will not be less than the current CN domain name. This is what the Chinese decide for themselves.

China population, import and export trade, although many domestic brands, but also beyond count, in the next few years Chinese brand will be a certain amount of market share, and China domain will have been paid more and more attention. Chinese people are accustomed to using Chinese input method in the English state of the input method, the Chinese domain name will occupy the market in the next few years. It is very likely that Chinese domain names will be widely used in china. Chinese domain name is convenient and effective, saving the search engine to find their own brand. And save the cost of advertising companies. Famous brands in the IE browser direct input will be directly to the site address. So the company brand is very important. read more

n 2015 a large number of micro business secret die also pits than Taobao’s micro business trick

the whole 14 years, the number of derivative light will not hoard goods, micro business sellers? How to do, how many brands will not light investment counseling? How much training will teach method can’t light practice? 2015, micro business really dead? Is more and more difficult to do? I found a lot of methods the former are useless! What should I do?

yesterday, I had a meal with a brand on behalf of the total, chatted about her 14 years of experience. Said he was from the primary agent, do micro marketing to the total generation, resigned from the high salaries of beauty trainers, full-time to do the whole generation. Back to the company introduced the four generation, the company also invested in the speech, but also on the Mister wrote the book. But the crazy down throughout the company, to a monthly income of over one hundred thousand, in addition to several store owner, other people less and less. I can earn thirty thousand or forty thousand a month. This year, the two consecutive month of a product can not move. Not only that, but also their own team. read more

Baidu wholly acquired glutinous rice network force to promote local life services

today, Baidu and all the company announced the signing of the agreement, according to the agreement, Baidu will acquire all the sticky web of shares held by everyone, the transaction is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2014 after the completion of the transaction, Baidu will become the single largest shareholder owned glutinous rice nets.

vice president of Baidu, glutinous rice network CEO Liu Jun said, Baidu in October last year, after the formal completion of the strategic investment in glutinous rice, buy business integration smooth, rapid growth. Baidu is optimistic about the huge market potential of local life service to the group purchase as the core, and this time we all reach an agreement, a wholly owned acquisition of glutinous rice, will lay a solid foundation for further deep integration with Baidu glutinous rice." read more

Ctrip push the first shopping tour business platform Tesco three spell domain name protection

renamed Chinese ( February 6th – the day before, Ctrip tourism officially launched its first shopping business platform Tesco Tour "(, provide a convenient to buy souvenirs, local products and shopping platform souvenir for tourists," tour Tesco "domain of concern.


: Tesco

TourIt is reported that the launch of

, Ctrip Travel "travel shopping business platform, a collection of global high-quality suppliers, complete category, and the destination of travel and shopping integration, launched online orders, convenient mode, pick up the line", the user can also choose the airport or hotel delivery delivery, saving time and effort. read more

Network test Li Gui old electricity supplier of the road there is no way to contain

During the

day dragon boat dumplings wufangzhai Tmall mall sales are more than 10 thousand single, is the electronic commerce to wufangzhai sales bonus. In addition to Zhang Xiaoquan, wufangzhai, warrior, 100 birds gazelle, Fang Hui Chun Tang time-honored shop, also in the creation of good performance. With the help of e-commerce platform, the old brand is showing a new market vitality. However, the electricity supplier fake lvjinbujue, to the time-honored online business out of a problem. read more

Ah the sea the wisdom of women find beautiful place

beauty is the nature of every woman, no woman is not beauty, but some women need guidance, some women need to urge, some women need to compare.

who does not love beautiful things, who does not love a taste of life, but some woman is conservative not brave to jump out of their own circle, once a day, she was brave to jump out of the circle, is guided by others or yourself or wake up, she found that the world is so big, so many beautiful clothes, so many good skin care products, so she could be so beautiful. read more

China Business News e commerce era soft

now many companies have the soft as a necessary means of publicity, and even some small and medium enterprises can not invest a lot of money because of the operation of the hard wide, often with soft start. Soft Wen is not only a low cost, and large amount of information, for customers to understand the product itself plays a good role, but now the newspapers and magazines always put together a list of commercial soft, layout not ornamental, the readability of many products is poor, thus causing the soft effect is not good. In fact, the better use of soft text this means can achieve the desired goal. read more

6 ~ 1 on the sale of rice dumplings Youku electricity supplier enabled the domain name on the line o

renamed Chinese ( June 1st – the day before, Youku potatoes enable two domain, low-key on-line electronic business platform Youku mall, selling dumplings, wireless router and mask.

figure: Youku mall

access to the domain name, you can see the Youku mall is currently on sale of commodities is very limited, in addition to their own products Youku Youku, Youku treasure box "routing", there are dumplings and mask etc..

In fact,

, Youku potatoes last year when the joint Alibaba has water and electricity provider platform, enable two domain launched video product "playing goods", said let users watching a video while shopping. read more

CHANet new advertising campaign notice

    here is the CHANet management department. Thank you very much for your support to CHANet.

today CHANet launched a new advertising campaign. Please pay attention!



* advertising popups activities

to Advertiser Name: Beijing Hongxin Source Consulting Co. Ltd.

, activity description:

pop-up window, 4 yuan / 1000IP read more

The weight of 7KG King LETV Electric Scooter Jingdong to raise early sale

nowadays, electric scooter has become a new fashion, whether on campus or in the park, there is no lack of fashion people pedal scooter, handsome figure over. Conform to the current latest leisure needs of the younger generation, music as sports following the super bike again after the new intelligent hardware – Jingdong GENE series chips electric scooter will be on December 6th at 10:00 on the morning of the Jingdong to raise public projectId=70983 punctuality open grab?. read more