Month: April 2017

Community entrepreneurship can do

Some of the old campus around the

district has been formed, people shopping are very convenient, once the shop business, competition will face more and more big, but the new district can be different, residents demand, the market has been in short supply, if operating properly, a profitable industry extremely relaxed. In short, the living area, more and more new projects, the same, living area has its own unique investment market, small business can do?

cell entrepreneurship can do? 1, beauty salon read more

Development Zone to build a scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship ecological

innovation and entrepreneurship to form a healthy ecosystem, can start more entrepreneurial enterprises to get better development opportunities to attract more entrepreneurial resources. Therefore, Tianjin development zone is actively building a scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

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Shanghai strictly control the school district housing prices net

many parents for their children to a good school, but the effort, for the people of Shanghai, the same is true. Many people believe that you can rely on the advantages of their own location to allow children to focus on high school, for many parents do not want to lose at the starting line, the parents have a great attraction.

according to the China Index Research Institute data show that the city of Shanghai, there are about 18 thousand projects, of which only 1200 real estate belonging to the school district room, that is to say, the proportion of housing stock belonging to the school district room accounted for only 6.7%. However, the reporter visited the Pudong, Changning, Minhang and other areas after the discovery of a number of real estate agents, and Beijing is different, Shanghai school district room and non school district room price does not exist significant differences. read more

From the project to the hands of the operator to start the business on the road pit and Hom

now, hand travel market demand is huge, very high popularity, is a lot of entrepreneurs concerned about the wealth of territory. Mobile phone game developers, Shanghai white ink CEO Jiang Yifei in the game X  MRT grape; entrepreneurs Christmas Party to share in their business from the project to the final game game on the line in the process of pit and bucket, and you want to encourage small and medium CP. Jiang Yifei will be the entire entrepreneurial process is divided into four stages, namely, the development of the early stages of development, the development of the latter and the game on the line. It also talked about the operation and agency of some personal feelings and ideas.

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Development and Reform Commission announced the suspension of oil price adjustment

China’s oil prices have been adjusted several times a year, mainly based on international oil prices and domestic supply and demand and other factors. The day before the price adjustment, the NDRC announced the suspension, suspension of reason is to contain the current air pollution, so don’t cut to reduce oil consumption.

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How to decorate dumpling shop

any one shop if you want to attract consumers, not only need to have a good product, quality service, but also need to be able to be recognized by consumers decoration. So, want to successy open a dumpling shop, we need to put more energy in the decoration work. So, how to decorate the dumpling shop?

Chinese people have a special feeling for dumplings, this feature of food, and now has become a fast food market can not be a lack of food. A lot of people are willing to eat a delicious food in the dumpling shop, enjoy the happiness brought by the food, the characteristics of the dumpling shop decoration, but also a lot of people’s attention. How to decorate the dumpling shop? The following details. read more

College students to send out annual income 3 million

many students are very powerful, they can do the work we have people can not do things, such as the number of college students entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial success, today to say is one of the thought, his name is Zhang Jiangui, about his entrepreneurial story has spread constantly, today let us explore exactly!

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Take the suangua name not reliable

to shop for a good name, but many investors under the original capital. However, if you find a few people to a fortune teller, he will find the way to store the name is not reliable, because almost everyone has their own opinion, before a name quickly was rejected, after a long time also has name. Such torment, can only say that the suangua name really is not reliable.

I met a good friend of Taobao, he told me to buy things on Taobao cheap and good. I practice a few times really good, there is the idea of opening a clothing store. read more

Understand the future direction of the development of network education focus

internet education is the product of the birth of the Internet nowadays mode of rapid development, now the network into various industries, how to better join the education industry to join the combination of network education, network education for entrepreneurs, joining the way many, choose a more suitable for the development of the education of the franchise model, Xiaobian tell you specifically to find out.

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What are some things wrong in the process of retail business

will do business with all sorts of people, the process will naturally things constantly, many shop owners due to treatment of the improper, there may miss very many customers, resulting in the shop business is affected. In fact, the daily business process, retail customers will encounter a variety of people. When dealing with, attention must be paid to the principle and art of interpersonal relationships, especially in attitudes, emotions and values and other details, should pay attention to the three "intolerable". read more