now the people’s curiosity is very serious, see a funny thing can not wait to join the fun, as businesses, consumers should also grasp the nature of the psychological, will make better business. So, take the name "kitschy cool" is more likely to attract customers, is a good shop named method.

a good name is a highlight of the external image of the business is the business of taste. An interesting new name will attract many customers to see what. The thirty-six meter sixteenth meter war "shop at large the better to apprehend him for the majority of beginners is a feasible. In the case of no word of mouth, a special "taste" name can play a role in consumption promotion to attract customers.

There is a "green, green" as business philosophy does not sell leather shoe shop

UK, in order to advertise, they put the shop named "vegetarian shoe shop".

vegetarian food has always been associated with food, and then with the leather shoes have also been on the side. This unique name really played a very good publicity, all passing people will be attracted by this name, have discussions with the shop selling what kind of shoes? The practice of stores to meet the consumer’s psychological adventures, attracted a lot of customers have come to see what.

shop decoration is very reminiscent of the atmosphere, people can not help but think of the western cowboy. The store neatly stocked with every kind of goods, small exquisite leather strap, to fine leather shoes. But as his name, here all the goods are "prime", with all the best artificial leather. Because the work is too realistic, the customer is often touch and smell, can not believe this is really artificial leather. All of a sudden, this "vegetarian shoe shop" has become a heated discussion on the topic of the town, business is booming business. The shopkeeper in the name of Zhuanzu gimmick, people haven’t seen in quality leather shoes have started to pay attention to their store, so that the owner would not worry about business bonanza to.

also at home, there is a company called "git" Hotel Shenzhen Futian District. In Chinese literally derogatory, often refers to the lazy man. It may seem a name not only did not get rid of the customer, but because of the novelty of the signs and attract a lot of customers come here.

why is called "git"? The original shop inside the rice is free to eat. Although this marketing tool is not new, but most of the restaurant or Tim rice. The name "git" hotel is just use this kind of means to attract customers, let everyone know that their home meal is free of any. This unique name to bring customers the sense of themselves, to the owner want publicity.