in the course of the operation of the store, many aspects are very important, which, "service" has become a theme of the current market. In short, the service is the eternal theme in the retail business, do a good job of service, can not passively deal with customers, but to change into a passive initiative to win the hearts of customers.

first, in the process of customer service, to serve with active, enthusiastic and sincere attitude, provide considerate service for the customer, I do not bother, questions, with patience, care and love left a deep impression to customers.

to do the delivery service. Especially in the busy sales peak, because our retail customers chores, inseparable from the body, it is easy to ignore this point. In fact, good delivery service way has many kinds, one is the temporary staff busy sales peak, leisure care stores, two are in contact and shooting two birds with one stone; a rickshaw, bicycle, small trucks and other rental vehicles, and leave contact information, hire the personnel to help delivery in really inseparable body.

three is so beneficial to customers, for some delivery needs, but there is no special time delivery tool, you can negotiate with the customer, in the end of the day, according to the mileage back part of the customer supply fare, but if customers insist on delivery business, our retail customers to try our best to satisfy customer requirements.

three is to do customer service service, many of our retail customers pay attention to pre-sale service, while ignoring the customer service service, in the terminal retail market, especially some small retail stores, customer service service is simply a blind spot". To do a good job of customer service service, one is to sell items to make a return visit to work, listen to customer suggestions or comments, do remedial work.

two is a book in the store set of customer complaints, regular customer opinions and suggestions were collected and summarized, in order to discover customer needs and their own shortcomings and correct them, make me realize "win-win relationship in the harmonious development".

service work is done in place, will directly affect the customer’s perception of the store, and thus affect the late business transactions. So, if you want a hot business, if you want to do so in such a fierce competition in the market, it is necessary to do a good job related services.