although many operators know that we need to focus on business services, but in the actual operation of the process is very easy to ignore this point. In fact, if you want to make the retail business is good, but also the need for services in place. The so-called service in place, just as its name implies is to require the retail business to be careful service customers.

I would like to talk about the topic of service, many retailers do not agree, in their view, their hearts know the importance of service. And this is precisely the author needs to emphasize the problem, in reality, there are indeed a lot of retail customers to serve the importance of good customers, but the problem is difficult to put into action. There are a lot of retail households often regard the customer as God, but it is difficult to put into action.

in fact, the new normal economy today, it should be said that retailers focus on service, service work is one of the effective ways to attract customers. Retailers should always be for the sake of customers, always serve them well. From the customer into the store when the link to purchase goods, packing, delivery, etc. afterwards, songke cannot oversight, can not be discounted. Otherwise, it may cause customer dissatisfaction, and even lead to contradictions. Respect the customers can not only stay in the oral, service to customers in action.

retail Sun Jian said: the service should be in place, this sentence is simple, but it is not easy to do. We say that many peers are aware of the importance of customer service, but they often do not pay attention to the service, do not care about the effectiveness of the service, and sometimes good will do a bad thing, they have learned this lesson.

remember 2014, a customer (he is very familiar with) to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival in his place. Other like alcohol and tobacco is not to say, the deepest impression is he ordered 3 pieces of Deluxe milk. But I found the home delivery Deluxe 1 less, so it will be the same as the price of milk to add a piece of Golden, who knows the delivery, the customer seems a Golden milk is not happy. I told him that the lack of a deluxe, deluxe milk prices and the Golden. He said his father-in-law only love drink Deluxe, do not drink Golden. This Golden milk is not, you take it back.

when I really can not understand, why so stubborn? Later, calm down, this is not a specific example of their services. In the replacement of their own why not call him and discuss it, perhaps in advance will not be able to communicate this embarrassing situation? It makes me feel guilty for a long time, then I will be careful, always care about.


service is not in place, in accordance with their own ideas to try to figure out the true, but from the perspective of consumers, so that it can make more consumers satisfied, will let the shop business is booming. In short, if you are a retail, want to let the service in place, but also need to do more