lingerie store in our life has become a lot of common at the same time we all know is the operator underwear shop, there is a huge market space for profit, as operators, join the brand underwear shop need to have what experience.

1, who are you? Entrepreneurs often don’t know who you are, what do you want? What are you doing for you? What resources? Underwear franchisees must be clear before the start of your own, how much gap existed before with the pursuit of you underwear franchise business objectives and how many difficulties? For some advice? Business advice agent underwear in the process, we met a lot of entrepreneurs, or a web master, or a newly graduated clerk, or a rich home, want to do great things unemployed. They do not know their actual situation, because a creative, a little bit of advice from friends, or even a moment of impulse, vowed to venture to become XXX (generally super successful entrepreneurs). So we suggest that the friends who want to start a business must first understand who you are.

What is the

2, a venture? Write this topic, some people may think that I am hypocritical here: female underwear joining how entrepreneurs may not know what is entrepreneurship? Ha, I want to say is, many of our business friends to join the brand underwear are based on impulse, a very good ideas, or a sum of money began to fling caution to the winds the business on the road. What is the business? It is a systems engineering project, when the boss you have to take into account human, financial and material resources, import and sales, competition, market segmentation, positioning, management system, financial control, exit mechanism, budget and so on a series of things, in the early days, perhaps even you in the selection of the site a mistake, can let you become a boss destined to fail, let you doomed millions. Here I do not intend to emphasize the difficulty of women’s underwear to join the venture, I just want to tell the friends of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is risky, you need to face the rational, it is necessary to help you team spirit.

3, you need to prepare what? To join lingerie business friends, must have one or several good grasp of the material or spiritual wealth, but this is not enough, you also have to think about what you are not familiar with the. Yesterday, my friend asked me what I want to do what I want to do, I have a rough summary: entrepreneurs have to start the business to prepare the following:

A, a fully accessible project plan. Your business plan should be comprehensive and feasible, preferably with financial experts and consultants.

B, to have a clear scope of business and core competitiveness. This is a positioning problem of recommendation