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What is the

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beauty underwear to join Ibero American basic conditions:

1, with certain business background and business experience, familiar with the local market.

2, there is a certain economic strength and investment strength, a good reputation.

3, has committed to the cause of the product, entrepreneurial enthusiasm, dedicated, dedicated.

4, understanding and trust of the company’s products, in business philosophy and development ideas to reach a consensus.

5, the investment risk and income of the two sides have a correct understanding and full psychological preparation.

6, with legal personality or legal business qualification.

7, willing to pay margin. (when the partnership terminates).

8, willing to pay the brand service fees and terminal promotion fees in accordance with the standard.

9, a detailed understanding of the project – > – > message consulting; customer acceptance — > — > fill in the application form; Auditing — audit by > > field investigation — > protocol — > signing agent; agent identity – > – > training; shop support.

How about

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