Internet plus era is not only the business model changes, it also changed the creative entrepreneurial team in sex ratio, provide more opportunities for women entrepreneurs. It can be said Internet plus era is the era of entrepreneurship for women.

2015 in October 19 to 22, with "entrepreneurial Internationalization: global linkage, innovation opportunities" as the theme of the eighth session of the "world Entrepreneurship Forum (WEnF) global annual conference held in Hangzhou, this is the first time the organization held in Chinese. From political and business circles more than 200 overseas representatives, 300 representatives of China to participate in this event. In the rich content of the forum, the "female entrepreneurship" as the theme of the forum attracted many people’s attention.

the "Female Entrepreneurship Forum, four outstanding women entrepreneurs to share their business experience, to discuss women in the Internet plus era of entrepreneurial opportunities, including customized apparel O2O business" clothing state "founder and CEO fangqin ms..

Internet media in the communication of information quickly and widely than traditional media can match, more importantly, the Internet is not only manufacturing each individual information, but also the disseminator. They can almost unrestricted to share their experiences, including physical experience, such as the product function and appearance, including shopping in the process of psychological experience, such as brand attitude, service attitude, service speed, shopping convenience etc.. The female mind is more delicate, rich emotion, insight into the user’s potential psychological needs.

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