tip of the tongue is a topic of concern to each of the people, how to ensure food safety, only to build food safety assured city. So, how to build food safety in Nanchong city? The following and small series for Nanchong to take measures to do a detailed understanding and concern.

7 month 14 days, the reporter learned from the Nanchong city to create food safe city "press conference, the city food safe city to create work has already started, and strive to be completed within 5 years of food safe city. To 2020, the implementation of food safety regulatory coverage rate of 100%, edible agricultural products (000061, stock it), food sampling inspection pass rate and food service food safety supervision quantitative classification management rate of more than 95%.

it is understood that Nanchong will improve the safety management system in food field, establish the collection mechanism to implement the risk management of "two single" (list of risks and responsibilities list) and risk management, the whole field of food production and operation, effective supervision of the entire process, and the illegal use of highly toxic pesticides, antibiotics, hormone abuse ultra limited range of use of non edible substances and other outstanding issues to increase the intensity of illegal food additives and food.

Nanchong to build food safety assured the city, in the promotion of a series of policies, hope in the near future, there will be significant results. Henan food safety assured the city to create work has been fully launched, and strive to build 5 years of food safety assured City, we wait and see.

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