Sichuan Province young entrepreneurs can enjoy preferential policies, many entrepreneurs emerge in an endless stream introduced, creating a hitherto unknown entrepreneurial atmosphere. In order to help young entrepreneurs, Bank of communications Sichuan branch to provide entrepreneurs with interest free unsecured loans, so that entrepreneurs can spend the early stages of entrepreneurship.

1 8, related to the leadership of the CPPCC Sichuan Province, Sichuan Provincial Communist Youth League and from 21 cities (state) of the Southwest University for Nationalities 119 venture enterprises, in a province of youth event – the 2015 Bank of · SYE youth entrepreneurship Carnival and the third session of the "Sichuan youth charity event.

in Bank of communications, the province well-known entrepreneurs, angel investors and a group of caring companies under the support of Sichuan youth entrepreneurship to flourish, raising of Periplaneta americana, doing it, a red pitaya, open the custom of family farms, processing yak…… A special project for youth entrepreneurship loving care and sprout up.