see nowadays is an era of the pursuit of a fast and efficient, of course requires us to have a can adapt to our society, the development of the industry, the fast food industry development will come, but how to run a fast-food restaurant?

fast-food business: how to choose a good location when the first open fast food shop, shop to shop business will play a major role. As the saying goes, store an inch, a business zhang. Good shop is the stream of people, the flow of money, the exchange of information flow is the fastest and most active place.

A, "gold, silver edge, belly

to select "angle" and "edge" on the bunk in a street. "Gold, silver edge, belly is the site selection, the shop in the popular commercial secret. A business street manufacturing efficiency is not equal, at the corner of the street shops is preferred optional shop. Because the corner sink four people, people should be based on a long time, so the corner shops due to many people will bring wealth wang. "Edge" refers to a street on both ends of the berth is in the crowd into the port, is just entering the street traffic with interest, high intensity of stay time, the shop business is thriving. " " refers to the belly; the middle part of the street, because of traffic dispersion, shopping, walking to the frail and declining interest in shops operating difficulties.

Third, shop from the bus station as close as possible to the foreign called "TOD" that is subject to the guide, shops and bus lines. Because, the bus site flow, the surrounding shops will naturally be favored. Retail investors in the investment, we must first understand the city, especially the future planning of the region’s information, and public transport planning is the basis for its selection.

Fourth, community shops in more investment in the value of the community is the perennial life of people living, which came close to consumption in the business community can.