people’s acceptance of entrepreneurship is getting higher and higher, the whole business has become a trend to enter the field of entrepreneurship, the easiest way is to invest in. The franchise is often seen as a shortcut to success, according to statistics, there are 5% per year in the United States (about 2.5) of the franchise business, in China, due to the closure of an imperfect management system and cash flow, finally dragged the franchise. A number of. Therefore, before entering the franchise system, Sushin Shige consider the following five issues:

first, how to join? Most of the franchise relationship arising from the existing enterprises. When an industry owners more independent development shops, usually consider using other people’s money to expand business, and through the development of franchise system, with its independent owners agree to a specific brand, product or service or the system, will have to join, and join the authority to charge franchise fees, regular right the cost of gold.

Second, join the market have much potential? Franchise is currently an important means of business growth. Total number of stores across the United States in 1991 54, turnover of 757 billion 800 million yuan, accounting for nearly 1/3 of the total retail sales, number of employees up to 8 million people, has been "big trend" author John nice than predicted: "to twenty-first Century, the franchise market turnover will reach 50%, to join the development prospects of visible industry have a brilliant future.

Third, how to become a franchisee? The first step is to confirm the status of joining the franchise system. Must evaluate the analysis of each franchise system is good or bad, the selected conditions meet the individual needs, and then directly with the enterprise contact, collect relevant join profiles, brochures and other information, to determine whether for joining.

Fourth, before joining should know what? Join in any system, the franchisee should join and authorized persons and the existing franchisees approached. Approached to join authority, the following information should be provided: interbank competition situation, should pay all the expenses to join the list and join the qualification, the initial investment cost, closure or transfer conditions and rights, the contents of the draft contract. As for the visit to the existing franchisees, please provide the following information: profit situation, franchise franchisee and franchisee with the relationship between the investment situation, after joining the common problems. In addition, it should be to consult the legal matters involved in the contract law, for days after the.

fifth, usually new franchisees pay how much cost? Join capital costs are not low. In the case of the United States, the first to join gold for various industries ranging from $5000 to $35000, monthly royalty is about 3% to 7% month turnover, advertising fees, monthly turnover of 3% in addition, the franchisee must pay sometimes depending on the actual turnover of 3% to 8% months, as the equipment, land rental fees.

to enter the franchise industry, must not be confused by the appearance, must carefully assess the franchise system. By recommending the past