investment floor stores need to understand the business is what? This is a lot of franchisees are more concerned about the problem. Many novice of management is not very understanding, small business provides some points of reference, I hope to help the franchisee to worry the business, hastened to contact us, do not miss a good opportunity.

A, product positioning. Need to understand what the style of local architecture is the level of consumption, what style and price of the product can be more acceptable. These require our operators to understand and analyze the floor market. There is the time of purchase, in the end go wholesale or retail channels, or engineering based. These are to look at the floor of the store operator personal contacts and financial strength. Finally, it is confirmed that the store decoration style and the management of the floor products with good.

two, the floor stores products. Is the middle or high-grade. Products are generally based on local market conditions and economic level to determine. Then the size and direction of the business. How large the store is based on the wholesale or retail, or engineering. Because it involves the quantity you want. Followed by shop rent and decoration and tax. Decoration of a paperback and luxurious two categories can be the economic strength of the individual to confirm. The most important point, be sure to do the rest of the funds used for turnover. To ensure that you operate in normal conditions.

three, place of business. Shop in what position? What kind of market? The best way to confirm Dundian, you can go to their own place to store, for three consecutive days, analysis of traffic and shop turnover rate. Special holidays. The best in the business premises, decoration City, Lamps City, building materials City, or Dianliao, hardware, sanitary ware, furniture is concentrated. In order to better promote each other business.

four, the floor supply. Generally speaking, the floor around the stores to purchase the wholesale market should be able to transfer goods or other products distribution companies, while profits a little thin, but not by the vision and experience problems caused by too much product accumulation. Unless special circumstances, it is not appropriate to purchase the town.

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