wants to make a promotional event more successful, more attractive to consumers, but also need to have a more attractive theme, so that the store’s business will be hot and good operation. So, lingerie store National Day promotion how to make the subject more attractive? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

1, the straightforward theme should be to maximize the benefits for the activities of customer demands

if the underwear shop National Day promotional activities itself is shopping price, no other gimmick, so it must be the best interests of activities to the customer to create the extracted and used as the theme of propaganda. Such as cash back, the highest return now XX Yuan as a propaganda point, more attractive, but, if the return is let into the interests of consumers, become the "highest XX Yuan", and consumers can move.

2, with the "violence" theme

is not straightforward violence, some enterprises in the promotion theme in love with "hunters" "Crazy" and "1 fold" and the price is the main meaning of vocabulary, but note that these are not the theme of propaganda can impress consumers, promotional activities should be considered during the period of the sales profit, should also consider activities after the usual sales and brand image. Too "violent" promotional theme, may affect consumer confidence in the brand, the majority of consumers want to benefit from business promotion, and do not want to be labeled "love cheap, grab the poop" label, therefore, underwear shop must be National Day promotional comprehensive analysis of its own brand and product positioning, should not blindly "the violence" packaging.

3, emotional theme easy to impress customers

emotional marketing has been recognized by consumers, because it could satisfy the consumers of the product itself, the specific needs of preferential purchase of hope at the same time, also can impress the consumer demands, in one aspect of emotional empathy, build lasting relationships, and the formation of consumer habits or brand loyalty. The emotional theme, actually refers to the subject should have a certain culture, such as some enterprises in the promotion theme, love in the dream scheme".

4, with interaction, the theme of the tone to attract customers

"search…" "Carnival", "together" and so on, with the interaction, the meaning of the word is often used in the national theme of the lingerie store promotion, in order to attract the interest of the customer participation.

5, reverse thinking, to avoid getting together

promotion theme "crash" once the activity itself It is often seen., not too bright, easily forgotten by the client, or even the wrong "club", the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day period, the promotion theme >