in the current market, the alternative pet has become a lot of people have a business choice. However, some people are in order to make money, while others are because of their own interest. The protagonist Yang Yi is because hobbies spicy bride to go on a business offbeat pet Road, and also gained considerable success.

"spicy bride" Yang Yi opened a different pet shop in Jiangbei Wanghai flower market. The store in addition to spiders, and terrible lizard and Toad was mistaken for the Argentine horned frog etc..

Yang Yi who lives in Jiangbei District, she became famous for spicy bride to participate in Chongqing TV game. Primary school, Yang Yi had ants in the pen are kept in the play. Two years ago, she secretly raised a "red rose" spider in the closet. One day my mother opened the closet, saw a coat of red corsage, touch is actually a spider, scared and ran away. Frightened, mother warned Yang Yi: want to go home and put the spider away.

so, Yang Yi intends to move a pet. 3 months ago, Yang overflow baby pet shop opened. Later, Yang Yiwan’s pet more novel, she has from Guangdong, Jiangsu and other places to buy 30 kinds of exotic pets.

yesterday afternoon, Yang Yi in the store, she holding a name card in the chinchilla shook the face, knowing my hold in the mouth of name card, hold the name card from the front rear ends, and slowly move to the front of Yang yi. The prize for the show was a piece of food.

Yang Yu’s pet shop, the customer is 70% young women. She gave the customer the "grade", not only for the rare pets to belong to the entry-level, in order to frighten people cool while playing pet is the primary, intermediate game player had no fear of exotic pets, a senior game player except the venomous pet do not play outside.

Yang Yu said that she played strange pets have two red lines, non pet national protection of animals and rare animals can not play, toxic pets do not play. She said with a smile, the latter is the former illegal in your life.

because they like to "play" and this as a cause of their own, so that entrepreneurship is really the pursuit of people, so that Yang is such an entrepreneurial venture so many people envy. Of course, there are alternative pets have a good business market, if you are interested, you can also enter the business.