looked at a lot of the tea shop to make a brand, made a reputation, but people began to heart itch, but it is not an easy thing to open a tea shop. 1, first of all, to analyze their own personal management capabilities, the ability to transport domain, character mentality, to see if it is suitable for a shop owner. This is important!

2, second in assessment of their environment: one is the degree of family support; two is the economic ability (see how much can the investment, will not affect the other existing business or industry, not only do the tea shop to know tea can not eat. (three) risk resistance.

3, finally positioning business strategy, is after you open the shop how (at this point, many people are blind, love to do some unrealistic dreams).

industry analysis?

the industry to have a certain degree of understanding, do not just look at the surface of you think you want to do, or see a friend or someone else is doing good to think that they can do. Some things can not be copied (some shop business is fire, which position do you have? Some shop business is very prosperous, its management level can you do that? Some of the shop back rate is very high, it’s quality you can do? Some of the shop is very profitable, it experienced many storms, you clear? "), men fear into the wrong line, afraid of marrying the wrong woman lang." This is the truth. When you analyze the basic trend of the industry and the market, the next step to prepare.



if the target consumer group in the location of frequent passing of the downtown area, average daily sold 500 cups (one) is the most conservative estimate, the cold cost in 0.2-0.4 yuan / cup, hot drinks in the 0.3-0.6 yuan / cup, price in 4-6 yuan, the average daily profit of about 2000 yuan, including expenditure 40 yuan rent, utilities, staff salaries and pay 110 yuan, net profit of 1000 yuan, with the most conservative estimates, a 6 square meter sold fresh beverage shop, monthly profit will be 30000 yuan, less than a month to recover the cost, second months to open second, enter the state of easy profits.

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