2016 market downturn, the ups and downs of the industry trend led a lot of people’s success or failure. So, what are the major changes in this year’s popular entrepreneurial industry? What is the most profitable business in 2016? Therefore, the whole network Xiaobian entrepreneurs gather several projects in the industry, introduces the prospect of these projects. Hope to help you.

1, mobile phone repair: small investment big return

data show that Chinese intelligent mobile phone shipments in 2014 will reach 4 billion 200 million, while the average mobile phone repair rate from 10% to 15%, only in 2014 the market has at least about 40000000 mobile phone repair said, this is a very big market. Plus the reason all replaced the second-hand mobile phone market capacity, the limitless. And now a lot of smart phones in the market and no after-sales service, resulting in mobile phone repair has become a concern of the gold mine.

according to industry sources, the current mobile phone repair market investment is very low, if you know some people who can only start the technology of twenty thousand or thirty thousand yuan, the monthly profit levels are around $thirty thousand or forty thousand. In Shenzhen Huaqiang North is Asia’s largest mobile phone service technical training base, only need to invest thousands of dollars can learn a complete set of technology.

focus: invisible profits can not be ignored

do some invisible profits mobile phone repair can not be ignored, is a software maintenance, although the fee is not expensive, but the gross profit rate is very high; the two is the brush service, many apple mobile phone fans, they to try using the latest version of mobile phone, will have to go abroad to buy, home use must decode, brush for investors, to provide this service, because the brush is a technology live, it is difficult for the average consumer, but for the technical staff is very simple, 10 minutes can fix, but the fees between 100 yuan, gross profit space is quite amazing.

2, "Internet plus": become profitable trend

2015 what is the most profitable business? Survey shows that "Internet plus" franchise in the industry are used, 97% of the top 100 enterprises have started the development of the 020 business. 60% of companies choose to build their own network platform to carry out online business, nearly 25% of companies choose to build their own platform and people in the combination of the third party platform to carry out online business. At the same time, a Alipay or WeChat to support the payment of 40% of the enterprises.

focus: find a stable profit point

China Chain Management Association Pei light secretary general said that although the "Internet plus" is quite popular, but the home wash service, 020 takeaway platform suffered close to crisis, provide a wake for investors, have good creative recommendation