do not look at the shop now many people really have their own shops very little, most of them rely on rental shops to shop. In the process of renting, naturally there are a lot of attention we need to pay attention to. So, the hair salon to pay attention to what? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze a few points.

1, determine the success or failure of the hair salon

rents play a key role in the management of hair salon. Hair salon is a service industry, the number of daily service per hair stylist is limited. Hair salon is easy to form the ceiling effect, daily sales are limited. If there is no personalized service, the price is not expensive than the other shop where, if the rent Meifadian profit space is much smaller, so the rent determines the success or failure of the salon.

2, verify the relevant documents

in the signing of the contract, we must standardize the operation, to verify the identity of the landlord, to see the real estate license and other related documents to verify gluten, real estate, etc.. Xiao Bian had a friend took over a sublet shop, the results of a good decoration after the management department told the store can only be used for the operation of food and beverage, can not operate hair salon, resulting in the loss of.

3, goods than three

Some goods than three

when the rental shop, if the price is too high to bargain, the rent control in a reasonable range, do not blindly eager to sign the contract, hidden danger to the salon business.


, not anxious

on rent with the landlord, the landlord can not be anxious, so as not to hike, raise rents, as far as possible to ask the landlord to give the rent free period of renovation, the cost can be reduced to a certain extent. Looking for a house to rent the contract can not be too short to open shop, generally five years, if the term is too short, the decoration cost and customer input is not worthwhile.

hair salon business is good, the profit earned by the latter is not high, and the choice of the store has a great relationship, and the level of rents will affect the overall operation of the entire salon. So, if you are now ready to open a hair salon, rental time to know what to pay attention to it?