in order to make a business, to attract customers, now many shopkeepers will "lie", and customers to buy after the discovery of such products is not what you need. Long run, will give the surrounding customers to leave a very bad impression, so how to do the store long run? So, do business can’t tell lies, which is the basis to ensure the business of shops.

"boss, I want to buy two boxes of instant noodles, the big bone surface is pig or beef bones?"

"you ask what is the bone, why do you want to boil the bones?"

"I am Hui people, if we don’t boil the pork, and choose to buy."

"of course is to boil the bovine bone surface, you are assured to buy"

customer, the shop owner Wu Tao who knows what is automatic speaking, boiled bones, who can eat out of this.


who knows second days, the customer came to the door, do not criticize Wu Road, knowing that the big bone surface pig bones boil not to remind him to choose to buy other brands, and his wife even pot dropped out end.

do things, integrity is fundamental. We cannot achieve sales to retail customers, goods exaggerated effect, even lies, lies to deceive customers, although sometimes the goods sold out, but when customers know the truth, the consequence is very serious. For example, in the case of the customer, in order to find a door to a query, the customer in the store to pick up the goods are all exposed, not affect the moment, but the impact of long-term.

but know lies harm, some retail customers to sell goods, earn a small profit, at the expense of the customer and tell lies, big and empty, guotouhua. For example, a piece of unsalable goods for a long time, the product itself is flawed, it is optimistic about this store customer goods, in order to let customers buy goods to boast like a flower, are the advantages, defects of goods, no mention of this merchandise.

I know

customers to buy home after the trial, basically no effect, but a lot of disadvantages, want to return home, but no one store, finally, the customer flapped the broken goods at the door of his home shop. So, a got a moment, but cannot blind long, hurt a customer’s heart, will offend a group of customers.

Spring Festival is approaching, a left a right ordering, ordering, to retail customers Wu Ming pocket bottom "dig" empty. Some time ago, grab salt >