real estate is one thing this year is more popular, a few months before prices soared consistent, just let the buddies are shocked, but a blessing in disguise. Historical experience shows that the arrival of each round of market adjustment period will have a number of housing prices to exit the real estate market, in order to enable enterprises to smooth through the market winter, restructuring, restructuring abound. Today, a new round of market adjustment is still in force, more stringent regulatory measures are still brewing. But the market cake is so "naked", the law of the jungle rules do not change.

After the adjustment of

policy, the market adjustment. Consulting with the policy research director Zhang Hongwei believes that the start of a new round of market adjustment in the middle of 2017, the expected round of hot city will take the lead in case of a substantial price reduction phenomenon, the market will generally enter the price cycle, investors began to exit, the core city around the city will also appear cool, the market will return to a rational market to live and improve mainly.

this process may continue until the first half of 2018. In terms of housing prices, in a new round of adjustment, the integration of mergers and acquisitions tide will continue to be staged, so, what enterprises in this round of adjustment difficult to continue, eventually withdraw from the real estate market?

part of the radical take the king of housing prices

or passive delisting in fact as early as before the restriction of credit, Zhengzhou will be introduced on the promotion of the real estate market continued to develop steadily and healthy, Zheng Jiutiao". Zheng nine is the industry known as the restricted Wang Liang custom. At the same time, undocumented sales, installments, driving up prices, decoy transactions, real estate enterprises or intermediaries in the future as long as contact line violations, or be punished severely, or from the market. Into the second half of the year, the attitude of real estate change slowly, "the most expensive land" makes frequent ministries jointly curb asset bubbles". To this end, the king in the regulatory policy can bring much effect, is not known.

but Zhang Hongwei predicted that since the second half of last year, has been sold to the king if the project intends to enter the market in 2017, then it is difficult to get these items through the price gains. That is to say, the first half of last year has been the most expensive land project, if the second half of this year or next year into the city, it is bound to take the most expensive land loss, enterprises may also be because the most expensive land into a corner, take for example the more radical Fujian Department of housing prices.

and recently, Zhengzhou land auction fuse system officially debut. Clear any bids in the net system. (GK) price for the first time to residential land starting price of 150%, net reporting system (GK) stop price. According to the Zhengzhou land deal, all land auction floor price shall not be higher than the existing in the region will be the highest floor price, "the most expensive land will lose value space, all kinds of restrictions and shoot after the start time, reached the pre-sale conditions and completion time, which is not good when the most expensive land.