Xiangyang daily news (reporter Wang Jingjing Intern Sun Mengxue) consumers in advance to pay 3000 yuan deposit Car Buying, unable to pay the full amount, and businesses to discuss the purchase of other models or refund the deposit, but was rejected. Recently, members of the public to call the 12345 public service hotline, reflecting the matter.

8 the end of the month, Mr. Fang and two friends in Xiangyang, Jia Le Bao auto Sales Service Co booked a Yueda KIA K5 sedan. At that time, the sales staff asked Mr. Fang to pay 3000 yuan in advance, the two sides also signed a "Car Buying contract" agreed, within a month by car.

10 10, the reporter followed Mr. Fang, came to Jia Le Bao car sales company. The staff explained that, in the signature of Mr. Fang’s car purchase contract, the terms of the note clearly states: the models and the deposit is not refundable." So they have the right not to come down.