More and more people are now

in the online shop, the shop is also very fierce competition in the industry, effectively retain and maintain some tourist number of repeat customers is a very important thing, is also a successful shop open at all.

1, integrity is the sale of the

in terms of sales process or sales from the long-term interests, integrity is based on the book, the reason I do not say I believe we all know that.

2, attitude: to the customer’s problem to be positive, get his trust

(for example, customers too expensive, you should be a little cheaper, and the price you


A * * * * is to better meet your needs? And my * * * * * * * * * * * you are full of


then led him to consider the product or the other, rather than the price. Anyway let customers have a wonderful feeling! So the customer will recognize you as a person, the next step is to much, ha ha.

3, to establish a good impression: let customers feel honored guests have a cordial and comfortable feeling

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