China has a lot of culture, including a lot of handmade works. Speaking of paper-cut, many people are not unfamiliar, it passes China history, is a kind of folk art, high cultural value, there is a 90 girl with their own hands to create wealth, people dug the first pot of gold, below to understand how she is successful.

Magnetic paper-cut

in Hangzhou Normal University in the business park, born in 1990, Jincheng girl Prince month enthusiastically to reporters from her magnetic paper-cut. "Magnetic paper-cut is a creative industry, anything can be done with paper cutting, it is to promote their own, their own innovation, and in the hands of great fun. Simple operation, anyone can easily learn. The utility model has the advantages of low cost, convenient use and collection, and can be used for household decoration, gift giving and advertising promotion…… Whether it is a festival, tourist souvenirs, art collections, and so on, have great market prospects."

After a period as

patent is purely accidentalThe invention of

organs in the parents love amateur some invention, the influence of the family. Wang Ziyue is bored. So, she and his father to discuss, can not find a not only undermine the artistic effect of paper cutting, but also easy to collect and use a good way. Father and daughter two people quickly into the invention. After repeated selection test, Wang Ziyue finally found a special magnetic material to replace the traditional paper cutting materials. The use of such material