want to sell more goods, sales work done more in place, naturally also need to master a certain business skills. For small series, the joint sales is undoubtedly a very good sales skills, can become more retail households have mastered the skills, so as to help retailers to create a higher product sales.

in my opinion, the joint sales not blindly around the customer, has no purpose to persuade others to buy this buy that, but to the depth of mining potential customer demand, how to find between goods and goods associated with the place, then let the customer to recommend, do not intend to buy things, also with joy to buy packaged together.

, for example, a customer wants to buy a bottle of good shampoo shampoo, I would tell him because of some limitations, but may not have a perfect in every respect, protect hair conditioner, can effectively make up for the shortcomings of this shampoo; some like tea customers to buy tea, I will take the initiative he cares about dental health status, he introduced some can let the teeth to ensure specific toothpaste stains and breath fresh.

in fact, if you want to do joint sales work, many times do not need us to grasp how useful skills, only a few good intentions, often can achieve better sales of goods. In short, do the "joint sales" is our business and customer win-win move to the satisfaction of all!