although the shop wants to shop products have greater sales, but in the actual operation of the process, due to the impact of the environment, many shops business is not ideal. In the current environment, cigarette sales has been some impact, although the customer manager resorted to exhaust all the skills or some far.

after some effort, the total feeling of inadequacy, for these cases, the client manager should actively tap the cigarette itself contains deep cultural heritage, so that we can set off a new upsurge. Because each cigarette has a certain cultural background, if these background into them, then you will make the sales into the endless power, then let lingshouhu jiedongfeng opportunely.

by culture exhibition. In fact, it seems that there are a lot of ordinary display of culture which contains a lot of retail customers do not live the show, because of the lack of cultural factors. Cigarette itself is a kind of cultural product, so it must be added to the display. Some retailers will do antique display counters, touching the eyes, immediately give a person a kind of elegant and heavy feeling, naturally lit the hearts of customers lamp.

customers look, there will be a natural impulse to buy. In addition to the counter, in the display can also highlight the cultural atmosphere, some retailers with cigarette combined into a variety of digital and graphics, this is a kind of creative, so there are cultural factors which contains infinite, which will attract the attention of customers. The account manager should be able to convince the retailer that cultural factors can be added to the display.

by cultural propaganda. Cigarette itself is a kind of culture, so in the propaganda, not blindly confined to the taste of cigarettes, etc., and should pay more attention to the culture contained in cigarettes. For example, in the promotion of the Taishan series of cigarettes, the customer manager should allow the retail business to recognize the culture of Taishan. Taishan is the first of the five sacred mountains, has a long history and culture, it can be a more strong flavor and charm attract the attention of customers.

a retail Household in the publicity, to further explain the culture related to Taishan, speaking, customers are attracted and intoxicated. In order to better promote the culture of tobacco retailers, the customer manager will also be a certain type of cigarette culture were summarized, and then distributed to retail customers. After the retail customers see detailed information, you can easily at the time of sale. Seize the culture, will seize the main contradiction, the main contradiction is solved, then the other problems will be smoothly done or easily solved.

by retail culture. Culture can also be used when selling cigarettes. For example, customers come to buy cigarettes. You can ask him who he is, who you know, you can recommend. If my parents will give Taishan (chicken), recommended the implication is to "the most favorable auspices;