in our life can often see such a kind of people, even when it is not say a word, since that is wrong. But once, really is implacable. If the business is such an attitude, no doubt feasible. In fact, if the shop to do business, even more has also need to forgive, this can only help business.

in the evening, the store came to a customer to buy a flashlight, I asked her to recommend a new rechargeable flashlight, and introduces the rechargeable flashlight than traditional battery flashlight high brightness, and convenient, with the customer’s consent, I open the package to give her a demonstration, found no problem, the customer is very satisfied bought.

the afternoon of the second day, the customer came to the store, a look unpleasant. "Look, what the hell is this? When you get back last night is very bright, in three hours is not too bright, go home when I started charging, charging a night, the second day in the morning I open the flashlight is not bright."


after listening to the customer, I understand, smiling to the customer said: "maybe you didn’t read the instructions?"

"I’m anxious to use, go out directly on the instructions and the packaging thrown."

"don’t worry, I’ll give you another one, but this time you must follow the instructions. You see, the instructions are very clear: remember: ‘when charging can not turn on the power switch’, ‘normal charge to remain in 13 hours’."

the customer picked up a new flashlight, his face suddenly Red: I’m sorry, I did not read the instructions, not your thing."

is reasonable, but not too much, or easy to leave a very bad impression on the customer. As an old saying goes, "reason is not high". Business is about knowing the customer Friendliness is conducive to business success., wrong earlier, you can also use a polite way to talk with customers, give the customer a favor, he will become a loyal customer of your store. "Lenient wherever it is possible" attitude will also affect the surrounding customers, this is a way of business, but also the way things.

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