in the promotion of management activities, more and more women entrepreneurship model emerged, at least half of the women considered entrepreneurial career. Chengdu for the country to recruit female tourists, and give full support for the creation of female passengers half the sky.

11 on Sept. 20, 2015 women in Chengdu Zhimei entrepreneurship competition launched in Chengdu City Center for the future, the contest was held in response to the Chengdu municipal government "hit" call national entrepreneurship competition, to start the ceremony, from a total of 22 female contestants representing the high yen value appeared for the first time, also opened a high reward "female hit off the suspense.

It is reported that

"China will take" for the majority of female guests’ good service. Although the players from all over the country, but there are not a small proportion of female entrepreneurs in Chengdu, at present, including Chengdu, including the whole of China has set off a boom in innovation, entrepreneurship. In Chengdu, there are more than 30% entrepreneurs for women." In this regard, Chengdu City, Chenghua District women’s Federation Chairman Gao Hong said that she was very pleased to see that Chengdu women’s self-reliance, have the confidence to build their own businesses.

"women as a vulnerable groups of society, itself is the lack of social support and attention, in the business on the road so that the focus of this event, only the female players are limited to, but in the age, we do not limit. We hope that this activity, to arouse the society of a new attitude of women entrepreneurs, encourage women to be bold and innovative." The contest organizers future center executive director Li Sha said that the game winning players will receive the value of 178-802 million yuan reward for entrepreneurship, this award in Chengdu city and even the whole country is unprecedented, in short, we will give the woman a guest "the full range of recommended