cloud, nei. The establishment of the Qingdao women’s League hit off many local women entrepreneurs, mutual cooperation, business scope covers all walks of life, hold up half the sky of Qingdao in the field of entrepreneurship.

10 7 days early in the morning, travel to Qingdao Urumqi City, Mr. Cui attracted into a ball of Qingdao Tonghai products professional cooperatives, purchasing dozens of boxes of Laoshan specialty "sea jelly", back to Xinjiang to send friends and relatives.

"agar" developed into "sea jelly" is a ball of Qingdao Tonghai products cooperatives chairman Feng Xiaocong couple, they graduated from the University of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship not only realized his dream of getting rich, but also led to more than 200 local farmer become rich and female college students’ employment. Today, the "sea jelly" sold to many large and medium-sized city at home and abroad and large supermarket chain stores, annual sales of over 100 million yuan.

"women’s hit off the alliance Baotuan win


Qingdao saliary dew spring tea for Liu Yuanshu is the famous Laoshan tea growing female can recommend