of all kinds of small jewelry is very eye-catching, small jewelry sales in the market is also very much, do jewelry sales is a very lucrative business, so how to operate a small jewelry store? Follow the whole network Xiaobian a look together.

to find a location, buy small accessories generally targets are more clear, at the shopping mall nearby, so there will be a lot of benefits in the mall traffic driven. Investors can also choose to open a small shop near the relevant store, such as schools, etc..

but also know how to promote. Any store just opened when there will not be how many people know, therefore, investors must be good publicity in the shop. You can go out in front of the store will be out of publicity, but also do a good job of a series of promotional activities, in order to open the door of your reputation.


"gold, platinum and other high priced children have cheap silver jewelry, squeeze under the counter." Bandung jewelry manager Li said. The value of small adorn article on the low side, and now only a few traditional jewelry brands are still operating." Jiebai shop makeup manager Ni Weizhong explained jewelry.

The developed city

"in the growing spending power, it was gradually out of the traditional sales channels." The main traditional silver — a small silver lock in Bandung jewelry has been chegui. At present, the store only small accessories in the children’s area 35 yuan a knife and a small mirror simple two.

above the introduce of these is the small jewelry store business skills, only to master "