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[Abstract] with the previous session of the general assembly is the largest, the last day of the conference of the Forum on the closing of the finale guest.

Tencent science and technology news 2014 China Internet Conference will be opened in Beijing today. The conference theme is to create unlimited opportunities to create a new era of economic engine, with topics ranging from mobile Internet, Internet banking, smart TV, wearable devices, intelligent transportation, big data, cloud computing, e-commerce & O2O; more than 20 hot plate.

Tencent science and technology learned that the current session of the conference comprehensive reform process, is expected to have six highlights worth looking forward to. Tencent technology will be the full text, video live, please pay attention.

the first day of the general assembly, the competent government departments of the Ministry of industry and information technology minister Miao Wei and other leaders, three high-level operators, GREE Group Chairman Dong Mingzhu, Microsoft senior vice president, Greater China Chairman ho Lok Fu, vice president of Linkedin global Boyang Shen industry elite will attend the meeting.

, a leader in industry and highlights

2014 China Internet Conference will be the opening and closing ceremonies to upgrade the entire opening and closing the forum, strengthening the classic forum, and new wearable devices, smart TV, Internet users’ rights, innovation and enterprise support and other large prospective industry hot button forum.


session of the general assembly and the previous biggest difference is that the last day of the meeting, the forum closing on the finale guest. Millet chairman Lei Jun, Huayi Wang Jun, chairman and CEO of cross-border dialogue. Sohu chairman of the board of directors Zhang Zhaoyang dialogue "Hall of fame" executive producer Lu Binbin, recalling towering network; Microsoft senior vice president Zhang Yaqin, Qihoo 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi will share big data and network security situation.

highlights two: big brother gathered help upgrade

until now, Zhang Zhaoyang, Zhou Hongyi, Wang Zhongjun, Lei Jun, Ali small and micro financial services group Peng Lei, Evernote CEO Phil Libin, Greater China, Microsoft CEO (Ralph Haupter), he yue fu hundreds of domestic and foreign enterprises executives attended the meeting.

highlights three: experiential exhibition debut

interactive, experience is the 2014 China Internet Conference Exhibition keywords. This exhibition highlights the audience really feel the charm of the Internet and the future life of the product experience.

It is reported that

, 6000 square meters exhibition hall is divided into "Smart Life Experience Hall, future life digital consumer exhibition, gold show, Internet technology, Internet applications, innovative products and applications show six themed areas.

highlights four: intelligent hardware tide incoming

2014 China Internet Conference will be ad hoc wearable devices and intelligent hardware development forum, smart TV Development Forum, internet intelligent transportation Application Forum, panoramic rendering intelligent hardware market.