in today’s Internet Conference, didn’t see what the big brother to attend, do not know what are busy to go, leading to the only Tencent chairman Ma Huateng (because the old week said 360 is not a giant), Ma Huateng made a speech, the main content is the mobile internet. In fact, said so much, summed up a few points, to see if I summed up here is correct, if there is something wrong, please correct me:

first, the mobile Internet is very hot, small products can also have a big future

just now I see the conference information, see a lot of innovative companies are born, and many of their products, I estimate that more than half of the number is in the mobile internet. So we see that the entire mobile Internet is the trend. For our entire industry environment, even the global Internet, and the Internet is not only Chinese these enterprises, we are facing a new and uncharted territory, there are a lot of new rules of the game, there are a lot of new user behavior.

according to the latest survey, by the end of June, mobile phone users reached 388 million, up to now I believe has exceeded 400 million, which has more than the desktop, PC, notebook computer past internet terminal number. Take some of its own data Tencent, we are the core of the QQ online and its message volume, has long been more than half from the mobile terminal to receive. We include the largest social platform a QQ space, we analyze it inside the picture, the digital uploaded every day more than 200 million, the peak of more than 360 million tickets, which we see it photograph has a number of more than 53% from the mobile phone terminal photographs, this is a very clear trend.

, a new generation of smart phone based new communications products, WeChat launched last year, just 14 months, in March this year, more than 100 million registered users. In this month, I believe that in just six months, you can double, to 200 million. Then all the trend of view, mobile Internet is the Internet may represent the general trend, PC has now entered a plateau, in may be smaller than in the past, the future from the flow, from the use of the market, will be far less than the mobile internet.

this conclusion came out, I think all of the upstream and downstream industries, all practitioners should be brave to embrace this change.

let me talk about some characteristics of mobile Internet products, and over the Internet PC is not the same as the entrance of the PC Internet is by a Internet Co, such as search engines, or tools for client traffic entrance, can be said to be a monopoly, but we see in the mobile Internet, the industry APP Store system into the mobile Internet, we see a lot of small, even All flowers bloom together., one of the company’s products, are likely to burst red overnight.

two, look at a mobile terminal product is good enough, just a minute