sina science and technology news on January 2nd afternoon news, across the eve of the user again refresh micro-blog send peak. 2016 first minute issued a total of 883536 micro-blog, over the same period last year. Micro-blog red envelopes also set off a boom, more than 2000 stars big V composed of luxury lineup, together with the new year red envelopes sent to the 50 companies, a total of about 20000000 netizens lucky win, the total value of red envelopes reached 500 million.

, in addition, Hunan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, the east of the four TV cross Year Gala gathered micro-blog, attracting a large number of users to discuss. That night, micro-blog on the number of Topic Reading New Year’s party has reached 8 billion 410 million years; cross star hit list activities sponsored by micro-blog, also attracted more than 100 stars to participate in the new year when the bell sounded to zero, the total number of 39 million 402 thousand hits, including Jolin to 7 million 260 thousand support, into the champion.

global netizen Solitaire new year, new year’s resolutions of 1 million 660 thousand

over the years, the amount of the relevant micro-blog interactive reached 138 million, 29 million 470 thousand users released micro-blog, the overall amount of reading reached 10 billion 600 million. Micro-blog launched # Hello 2016# New Year wish activities, two days accumulated more than 1 million 660 thousand users wish in the new year, the amount of reading more than 300 million.

star celebrities also send New Year wishes at micro-blog. Fan Bingbing’s new year’s blessing, "2016, we have come," Li Chen forwarded this micro-blog and wrote the "2016, bless you!", the micro-blog was praised by users for the about 700000 time.

global users for the first time in the relay to greet the new year micro-blog. The United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and other 21 countries of the about 200000 friends, show their country in 2016. The event in micro-blog, the amount of reading #2016 global relay # orientation has reached 120 million.

coffee star kuangsong red, Fan Ye heroic

second to none

celebrity celebrities, businesses and users together to set off a red boom. Fan Bingbing issued 200 thousand red envelopes in the evening, micro-blog, also sent out of the 120 thousand, is the largest red envelopes issued by the male and female stars. Fan Bingbing is also the best ability to suck gold star, was friends plug money 70 thousand times, the popularity of the combination of TFBOYS has been nearly $20 thousand.

that night, about 3 million fans to the beloved star plug money with a cross year. All the money stuffed fans, 72% are women, 90 users to plug the most generous idol idol money, from Guangdong’s favorite users to the red envelope money.

in the "ceiling" Jinbang entertainment stars dominate, occupy the top 10 in 9. The entertainment star red hair is also generous, occupy half of the top 10. It is worth mentioning that, since the media business "almighty bear" has been issued about 300000 red envelopes, topped the "nouveau riche" top, Chen Mingyong, Lin Bin, Feng Lei and other executives also entered the top five mobile phone industry.

micro-blog’s first password