is my idea is too simple, it was thought that the domain name is widely resolved because the domain name theft problem. Who would have thought that the domain name is sometimes the domain name is the domain of


webmaster rhl88 said: today I found a wide range of domain names to resolve all of the foreign.

is known to have infected nearly 20 sites, unaware of the countless. All new network users, please check whether the domain name updates. A lot of people have confirmed that this is true. See Annex diagram.


error page is actually parked domain, many domain name chiefs are so dry, do their own domain name on the refuge, so others can open access but also the way in which there are links or links while buyers find themselves, and this is an advertisement page can also increase some income.

new network default by the user does not enable the domain name on their own with this advertising page, but also do not help others shield search.

my unusual experience

DNSPOD login abnormal, today a bra (Wu Hongsheng) my original account password and previous sites like lead to be modified.

suggested that the use of DNSPOD owners do not modify the original password, while binding D token.


login DNSPOD after the discovery of all domain names are widely resolved,


pan analysis of foreign illegal websites


also said: as long as the webmaster gluttonous Xinwanghulian official DNS, they will not use your analytical two domain names to hang advertising.

today found that Baidu included a lot of this empty two, just call the customer service telephone complaints, this can be canceled, you call me now, lest delay SEO sites such as the normal operation of telephone complaints, which help Xinwanghulian grandson into my analysis system, set up a wildcard *.XXX.COM to


solution, amused, what they did not prove the white list of this system, cancel the so-called help you, is in your analysis, the pan analytic set into the local IP

The new

network in October 30th, without authorization will be changed to my domain name pan analytical analysis, American gaming website IP found the day before yesterday, serious violations, complaints to the new network service, they say the solution is changed into my analysis, pan analytic, today again Xinwanghulian analysis panel found pan analysis was again changed is changed to

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