put the two together, regardless of old merger scandal, but because they are the only two domestic Internet enterprises, attaches great importance to the analytical tools of HTML language Web mobile end game player: UC browser, Baidu search is link sorting.

App vs. in Web is still debated in the background, the attitude of the two companies will largely determine the domestic mobile Internet market in the direction of the debate team.

but until now the results may make keen "only live one" Gladiator logic spectators were disappointed, because the two companies are given the answer seems to be: don’t talk, because they will coexist for a long time. Whether it is the latest release of UC+ UC open platform, or Baidu cloud and mobile search for investment, want to illustrate the problem is an important thing is not the form, but the service and channels.

App channel innovation

recently there are a lot of people sing bad App, in fact, compared to the App itself, the sooner the crisis may be App channel. Not long ago, now in the mobile Internet Ecosystem originator — the establishment of apple App Store five anniversary, there has been a group of not so good data analysis and tracking data: mobile advertising company Adeven shows that although the number of applications for App Store has been close to 900 thousand, but the 2/3 is worthy of the name "zombie" No one shows any interest in.

and Lenovo to domestic application store "brush list" chaos, even apple can not stop the continuous improvement of the algorithm, obviously, for a large number of small developers, this is not what interesting practice.

This is the App

to "bottleneck", resource allocation of channels is too single, especially occupy an absolute advantage in the "white" users of the domestic Internet market, the "go" will be more sharp contradiction.

Baidu solution or search. Users through the Baidu App or mobile browser using Baidu search keywords (such as movies), you can directly get the relevant App download link in the box without the application store. The beginning of the update, the application of the search, you can directly call the existing App in the search box, automatic completion of the jump.

UC is to take the form of a browser plug-in, Chrome and Firefox PC similar practices, developers using SDK own App plug-in, to have 400 million active users of the UC browser to solve the problem of exposure. Once the user needs a function, you can not leave the browser directly or use the corresponding plug-ins.

obviously, both of them are exploring new ways to promote App, >