in 2007 09 month 29 days, is the day that coral QQ author Chen Shoufujun was arrested in the online video spread out. Wandering alone on the Internet, I met my friend and asked, "did Mr. write a little bit about Chen Shoufu and the coral bug?" I say "no"". She warned me, "Mr. or write a little. The coral QQ is that we used a lot of years of good software

      this is what I know, where I used a modified version of QQ software, probably because it often felt it, install and delete, delete and delete, however in such numerous loading, finally decided to choose or coral. I have felt the need to write something, although this is irrelevant to Chen Jun, but to me, it can only That’s all. If I could believe that "the return of the king, the sacred tree having white flowers, that would give greater comfort, but now, only That’s all.

      but I really have nothing to say. I just think the Tencent is too mean. A gunman with tattle and prate around me, so I found it difficult to breathe, audio-visual, where also what speech? To, must be in pain after. And since then the so-called gunmen of the insidious argument, especially I feel sad. I’m out of anger. I will be deep flavor of this coral black dismal; in my deepest grief to the Internet, so that they delight in my pain, will this as a memorial to Chen Jun, dedicated to the dead coral.


      true warriors, dare to face the bleak life, dare to face dripping blood. This is the kind of sorrow and happiness? But the creator often mediocre design, with the elapse of time to wash the old, leaving only red blood color and tiny grief. In the pale red scarlet and tiny grief, and give a person would have to live, keep the web like non network. I don’t know when this network is an end!

      we’re still alive on the Internet; I thought I had something to write about. It’s been two weeks since September 29th, and the Savior is coming. I’m writing something.


      among the numerous QQ revisions, coral is my favorite soft. People ask me, I always think so, say, now feel a little hesitant, I should write to him, what to do. He is not only a "Gouhuo to me now" the love of soft.