from the lights at night, from sunrise to sunset dawn evening photo, a feast of entertainment in 9158, YY live, 6 rooms staged these social video platform, you Changba me play……

young men and women, regardless of beauty and ugliness Yan ugly, they live between these platforms in the auspices of singing, dancing and performing dance duet, talk show…… In a variety of ways, in front of the computer screen to the other side of the Internet audience a talent show.

they are called network anchor, hundreds of millions of viewers across the country performing in front of a computer screen, and then use the RMB into virtual props to love anchors, to express their love.

at present, the province has more than 20 thousand such network anchor, there are a lot of Taizhou, after the three door, Lin Deyong is one of them. Every time, the stage name "MC farmer" he will open YY voice, came to belong to his channel number 6456, as Harbourside general support, ushered in the "peasant army of their fans.

200 million grassroots create new entertainment

2 video broadcast platform has listed

if not a recent news, perhaps the average person will not pay attention to the existence of this group.

July 9th, Hangzhou Columba interactive Holdings Limited in Hongkong, according to the opening price of HK $5.99, the company’s market capitalization of HK $7 billion 300 million.

as one of the country’s largest social video platform, until the company listed, the public found that the original low profile in the network video broadcast industry, actually hide such a huge market.

two years ago, the industry and the celebrations of the times Columba interactive racing together bridle to bridle (YY) on the NASDAQ listed low-key, low-key to the mass media have paid no attention to this industry. However, in the operation of Columba interactive put up a pageantry before and after the listing, this non mainstream entertainment industry into the foreground. Today, Columba interactive owns 9158 and Sina show two major real-time social video community and 7 other smaller similar communities.

2013, 9158 registered users reached 205 million, an average of 10 million 800 thousand monthly active users, monthly active users spend an average of more than 20 hours, the monthly paid subscribers 270 thousand, revenue from video community platform for 528 million yuan. Whether it is tens of thousands of network anchors, or for the audience to create a platform for direct revenue, many of them on the common characteristics of the people, is the grassroots. Is this group of people, the celebrations of the times (YY) and on the NASDAQ and Columba interactive hkex.

Lin Deyong is one of the first to promote the industry gear steering screw.

earned 4 million yuan in the past 5 years, just like the money in the sky

don’t have to do any preparation in advance, just sit in front of the computer, open your own channel, put on a headset and microphone roar.