central broadcasting network technology news (reporter Zhou Tao), the central network information office yesterday afternoon (August 7th) issued the "Interim Provisions" of the instant communication tool of public information service development management regulations include: service providers engaged in public information service is required to protect the privacy of qualification;; real name registration, to comply with the seven bottom line; public no need audit record; restrictions on political news release; clear violations punished.

experts say good Tencent WeChat

"instant communication tool of public information service development management Interim Provisions" issued, for the impact as "one of the instant communication tool of WeChat? The first time CNR network technology interviewed China Mobile Internet industry alliance Secretary General Li Yi, he thinks Im hearing tool management approach is very necessary. WeChat as a business system, the degree of self-control is not so high. A lot of rumors are true or false, indeed to the regulation time. Before WeChat also had several clean-up, including cleaning up politics involving public numbers are and the national Internet Security strengthening a relationship."

it is well known that there are two major social platforms in China, one is WeChat and the other is micro-blog. Li Yi to the central broadcasting network technology, said the country’s Internet security to strengthen the words, WeChat’s commercial activity in the objective has a certain inhibitory effect. For example, there are some big V or some gossip, actually will disappear, business activity will decline.

social platform as the real value not only to consider the business, more time to take into account the social value. Li Yi believes that the introduction of instant messaging tool management approach is good for WeChat. In a short period of time, it seems that business activity will decline, commercial value will decline, in fact, in the long run, for WeChat is good. Once you actually state supervision, you’ll be safe in the future to do some things what are the regulations to be investigated, but is not regulated, you are very dangerous."

according to the China Internet Information Center (CNNIC) thirty-fourth survey report, as of now, China’s mobile phone users reached 527 million, for the first time beyond the traditional PC Internet users scale. Li Yi believes that the instant messaging management approach with reference to some management methods of PC Internet era, can control the prosecution to be investigated, and must have the body, whether corporate or individual had the record. Mobile Internet era transplantation PC Internet era management methods are very necessary, the future of instant messaging tool management approach is also possible to rise to laws and regulations.

WeChat cleanup rumors harmful information

according to the data show that WeChat currently has 600 million users and a total of 5 million 800 thousand public accounts, which is indeed a group of beautiful data, but behind the hidden risks. Rumors, violence, terrorism, fraud, pornography and other illegal acts in the public number and WeChat friends circle wanton spread.

previously, CCTV focus has been specifically exposed through the spread of WeChat microwave oven carcinogenic rumors, many public numbers spread out so-called microwave oven >