A5 webmaster network June 13th news: today there are friends broke the news millet launched cloud hosting services. From millet open platform related information display, millet cloud host introduction page has been on the line. The display of small mijun host service 25 years accumulation, Beijing’s top BGP room. And have the host management, operating system selection, flexible configuration, backup, access control and many other features.

is currently registered and login millet account, can be purchased and tested millet cloud hosting services. The introduction of millet cloud host also shows: Jin Shanyun host service for a variety of server needs of users, the words. It can be learned from the cloud hosting services should be integrated cloud Jin Shanyun host launched. Jinshan cloud was established in 2012, and then launched a cloud hosting services. However, due to the fierce competition in the IDC market and cloud hosting market, Jinshan cloud has not been a breakthrough development. Last year, there have been Jinshan, millet and Temasek $296 million investment in century internet. The introduction of millet cloud host, should be a deep integration of the two companies in the cloud services.

IDC market competition, especially cloud hosting services, Ali, Tencent and other giants are earning a head. Occupy the market head in Ali cloud chair of the Tencent at the same time, cloud, cloud Tianyi Telecom, Sheng Dayun and other cloud hosting services also rely on their own are not resigned to playing second fiddle, user resources and platform advantages to grab market. The introduction of millet cloud host, will rely on the brand advantage of millet and Jinshan experience in security services, once again hit the cloud hosting market. I do not know whether it will be like millet phone, the market to bring subversion.

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