said the world trend, long hours, so is the Internet business, a car is a monopoly market, with Youku potatoes, 58 drops fast, another car is split multi business enterprise continuously.

The direct cause of

spin off that names a lot, enterprises and investors are given the answer is like the release of business highfalutin, vitality, such as decentralized operational risks, such as follow the trend of the times, although these are facts, but the fundamental reason is the trend of capital if the seek.

reason one: release heterogeneous business vitality

today, the so-called big companies can not be a single vertical business of infinite depth development, which can dominate the party is difficult to avoid a disruptive impact on the enterprise’s new business model, so the lateral extension of tentacles is rich people always do giant horse, governor of the Alibaba started with electricity suppliers, but the gradually in the mobile payment, monetary fund, television media, mobile travel in areas such as extension soil, director Lee Baidu in the mobile terminal encounter waves after LBS and O2O in the battlefield increase horsepower, and when the heterogeneous business has formed a certain scale to independent, and trapped in a bloated group system is also difficult to release its vitality spin off, it.

The Sina

shop shop, micro-blog, Sina portal, Sina games, in addition to a pity but also on the decline of micro-blog, other businesses already tepid torment, Sina executives on this point is kind of self-knowledge, to avoid business development has the potential to slow, spin off a big plan with vigour and vitality.

08 years in February, Sina split property and Home Furnishing channel, and in China founded Sina holdings joint venture; its business the most sensual Sina micro-blog early in October 2010 to set up an independent registered company; in June 2013, real estate copy Home Furnishing channel split mode, will read channel split, set up a joint venture with another technology company for Sina, the status of major shareholders; in November 2014, Sina spun off from the parent company, independent self financing.

parent company’s requirements for these subsidiaries is the release of vitality, improve performance, such as when the announcement of sina’s game has set a separate goal, and strive to increase its monthly water from 30 million to the time of the year to 70 million. Sina in after leaving the system was also infinite, and was eyeing Ali, in April 2013 to $586 million stake in Sina micro-blog, after a lapse of one year, nasdaq.

split from the road to see Sina down, it is the business of the blue ocean split, in the final analysis is to focus on the field of capital and the public eye fishing gold.


in addition to Sina, Alibaba in June 2011 will be divided into Taobao C2C Taobao business operations, providing B2C e-commerce services mall and one-stop shopping search engine >