clarified the development stage of information processing capabilities of the Internet users, the key to grasp the Internet innovation, innovation can be logically deduced. Users who get information from the publisher’s evolution, changed a basic unit of the Internet, affecting almost all aspects of the Internet needs to be reconstructed, including search engines, electronic transactions, knowledge creation, IM, micro-blog, etc.. However, before discussing refactoring, you need to understand the business model. Clear business model is the protection of the long-term innovation of the Internet, can have a clear business model is to determine whether the logical deduction is an important standard.

Reconstruction of

business model

1 business model problems faced by

market transactions are producers to meet the needs of consumers, the two sides to achieve their needs through exchange. This relationship will be transplanted to the Internet, is to provide users with information to meet the needs of users (products, services), the two sides through exchange to achieve their needs. But the properties of space-time information, hinder the exchange, a time, a place is very difficult to find just, suppliers and users, but information dissemination channels to solve the limit of time and space information, so that both sides can exchange frequent implementation. Communication channels to help suppliers and users to achieve the exchange of information, to realize the value of suppliers through channels, Internet users access to information through the channels, through the realization of the exchange, the three party can meet their interests and achieve win-win, which constitute the basic model of value flow.

in the stage of information access, limited access to information technology, information transmission efficiency is limited, in the implementation process of exchange and communication channels is the bottleneck of the channel are also more likely to be in control, value chain of the three game, channel plays a great advantage, can grab high exchange value. The more powerful the channel, the higher the value of the company. Yahoo, Google control through information acquisition technology, has a strong information dissemination channels, to form their own business empire, a large and professional website construction through the information center, build their own communication channels, product application single fierce competition for the client, the target is still the communication channels. Exclusive possession of channels is an important feature of this stage of business model. The value of information through a strong channel to realize the value, or directly reflected in the channel value, users receive information from the channel, relative to the channel, information and Internet users are in a relatively weak position.

in the stage of information publishers, information dissemination channels by a large number of Internet users, each Internet users have their own channels of communication. The spatial and temporal limits of information is still not changed, how to make the channel to play a role in the realization of channel value, is a new business model to be faced with a problem. How to solve the problem of information production and supply, realize the value of information, to solve these two problems, can continue to make the information efficient transfer to the hands of those who need. In order to meet the needs of the information needs, we can form a stable and effective business model.