QQ space, this may not be very familiar to everyone, because now do QQ space or less parity. So what are the advantages of QQ space, and our daily maintenance, including what?

first of all, we are our user groups, we all know that QQ is now the most user group of a social software, then for us, our group will be even greater. We have been doing before the promotion of WeChat, is to rely on QQ to promote our WeChat fans, but this is not ideal, because the QQ does not necessarily use WeChat, WeChat’s more than 90% are QQ.

also encountered such an answer, a junior high school student, he said let me understand now a large number of users of WeChat group. He said that if it is not his father to use WeChat, then he is not installed on the phone WeChat, WeChat is to install his own father, he usually does not log on to WeChat. This is out of the US WeChat fans groups, mostly middle-aged, there is a population of 80 and 90. As we all know, before we call it the gun artifact WeChat, indeed, we rely on WeChat shake, people say hello and other strong friends nearby. In fact, each has its own advantages, then today to talk about how to do QQ space fans interaction.

first: our comments

comment this thing is to see our content, some content may have dozens of even more comments and some comments are few, for the few comments which we can choose to make each reply, after all, we also spent not long time, if the number of comments to us dozens of hundreds of words, so we need to have the option to go to reply, because this is the need to spend a lot of time. We can choose 10% of them as our reply to the number, the number is not much nor less. Because we have a lot of comments will be limited. So if we want to reply, then we need to choose a good time. We can take a few minutes every 10 minutes to avoid being restricted. Some people may ask, since it may be limited, so why do we need to do each comment


I want to say we comment, can each say to do, it is because we are each to do so will look comfortable, when we see friends after each talk have comments, then you will feel our relationship with the fans is well established, will attract more the people involved in our interaction, about 10% of the reply, we need to do is to pick out what is less suitable for us, which often only reply, we must go back, the other can be selective, these people are our loyal fans, we need to continue to go with them communication. Where our fans come from, it’s all on these loyal users