you see this sentence, see this article, that you are also concerned about the site.

March 21, 2016, Lu Songsong blog has gone through 7 years. This 7 years, I have seen a lot of people to the big coffee from the grassroots, also saw more grassroots silencing in Internet sites, every year on this day, to make an annual summary, today is no exception.


1, about reader

users always like this, a person’s enthusiasm for a particular site in general about three months, after three months, the user will change the number of 80%. The readers of Lu Songsong’s blog went a batch after batch, and the new people came to the group after another, there have been more and more new faces, and I do not know, the vast majority.

7 years is enough to completely change a person.

7 years ago, I was at the age of 23, you may still be a student in the school, there is a strong interest in the Internet, we often interact with comments, you come to me, very busy.

7 years later, you are a company’s executives, more busy with the team, to do the project; perhaps you get married, have children, have not come here, but I know there is such a blog exists.

one year spent similar, each year is different. 7 years ago, you do not know how good, but I hope you.

2, about blog


can now officially say to you, Lu Songsong blog is not an independent blog, but a vertical website operated by the team, we have a clear division of labor, there are audits, reviews, interactive.

We use

UGC (user generated content) mode from 2014, I have made an investigation, I found that most of the readers who don’t really care about the author of the article, they only need to see the wonderful contents of his useful content, from this result, let me begin to accept the submission, until today, in addition also includes reprint content.

fact also proved that many of my blog articles, reproduced articles, click rate comments, than to write a lot of articles. I wrote the original article for nearly 4 years, personal knowledge has been hollowed out, if not early transition, sooner or later one day because of blog content and gradually decline.

and after two years of development, the vast majority of readers have accepted this UGC model, not in personal attacks on me.


and this year’s blog is the most important transformation is the beginning of 2016, a comprehensive revision of the blog, the blog from ASP to PHP transformation, a new server, a new database and a new interface.

I don’t know if this revision is successful, but from click >