with the rapid development of the Internet, many companies are aware of the importance of network marketing. We found that many companies commonly used means is to establish a product station and then network promotion. During this period, due to the enterprise for network marketing technology is not mature, so that enterprises suffered a lot. The so-called chronic illness into a good doctor, I also experienced such a period of time, I put my experience to share with everyone, I hope that in the future of network marketing on the road detours, especially executives, more attention should be paid to the.

The purpose of

network promotion

I think a lot of people know the concept of network promotion. But the operation is often counterproductive,; waste a lot of manpower, money does not say, more important is the time! Money can be earned back, but lost time is never not to buy, the Internet competition is not to say that no, no matter what industry more or less competition. If your competitors are doing the same thing, but you at this time error, did not achieve the desired effect, but he was the same with your time and energy to make up, you’ll catch up against the past he would have to pay more time and effort than he. On the Internet is not the time and effort you will be able to get the return of the place, it is always full of high efficiency, high rhythm, high intensity of the competitive environment. What is a product of website promotion, not just to increase sales? What increase in popularity, improve the flow of the argument, it is a paper tiger, is our ultimate goal of transaction. Therefore, the operation of a corporate website, after the promotion of the network, if only increased traffic and popularity, then there is no increase in sales, I think he should reflect and review. Traffic and popularity even do not understand the network marketing people will go to use an employee’s money to buy traffic and collection, the boss is not necessary to ask a bunch of network workers to consume his time and financial resources. This is also a number of companies on the Internet marketing criticism.

enterprise "product promotion is very difficult, an evil member of the herd"

many friends told me complaining how bad their boss, how reckless. I think so, now a lot of enterprise for network marketing is in its infancy, for many way is not very understand, leading to a lot of "half a bucket of water", into the enterprise as "expert". Take the product promotion program, due to the "half bucket of water" in the promotion of their own people are not very sure, blindly under the index, set the direction, and then can not find out what the reasons. Gossip is not much said, encounter this kind of situation, our enterprise how to do the promotion of the product?

first, the initial network promotion department each work records and statistics; monthly data analysis, choose some performance promotion, the establishment of the project team, to develop the channel alone. There are many kinds of network channels, as long as there is a contribution in the channel, sales is not a problem. Many companies are trying to find out what channels, what channels are not working, what channels are tried, what channels are not successful. Why? They don’t understand the distribution of employees