June 2011, Admin5 Adsense network exclusive release of the domestic Internet market in May on the trading briefing on the outside world to disclose the details of the transaction in the domestic Internet industry in 2011. As the industry’s well-known webmaster information portal, Admin5 webmaster network’s webmaster Trading Forum (http://s.bbs.admin5.com) soaring popularity, influence more and more, now the industry has been recognized as the industry’s most valuable data for the industry’s largest security intermediary trading platform transaction information is.

according to the "2011 domestic Internet market briefing" show that in the past by the number of Admin5 transactions in the station reached more than 250000 pen transactions, the transaction price at 100 yuan to 500 yuan accounted for 30%, accounting for 50% of 500 yuan to 1000 yuan, while many price reached 10 thousand yuan or more accounted for 20%. From the classification point of view, the site class transactions for 30%, the domain name transaction for the class of 30%, the procedures for the transaction class is about 5%, the task of the transaction for the class of the remaining 5% for other categories.

can be seen from the statistics, in 2011 the number of transactions of small owners continues to maintain growth, especially increased prices in the 200-1000 yuan between websites, it seems the domestic Internet is not affected by the economic crisis, personal websites are still hot. With the continuous development of the Internet, the web transaction demand continues to increase, there are a lot of people buy website, as the industry’s largest intermediary trading platform, Admin5 Trading Forum has become the first choice for the industry. Generally related to the owners of the transaction, we will directly choose to come to the Admin5 Trading Forum, after all, both safe and fast. In addition, with everyone to Admin5 Trading Forum trust, in addition to the site outside the transaction, domain name trading has increased, mainly increased in Larry, there are a number of PR digital record, task types of transactions, mainly in the production of web application, art service and technical support, as a webmaster world leader sheep owners forum trading market is more popular, the daily demand are more likely to be in short supply.

website transaction briefing

trading in the website, the most easy to sell the site mainly for several types: the site is Baidu included (ordinary Baidu included domain name can sell 100 yuan -300 yuan); or website traffic in 500 to 1500 IP, and a basic development potential; or for entertainment, movies, novels, small game there are some professional people are more ambiguous, website traffic is easy and rapid rise.

to 1000 IP as the benchmark, the current site transaction price is roughly: customers 800 yuan, 700 yuan music website, game website QQ 1000 yuan, 700 yuan, 700 yuan movie website, web site navigation site 1> 600 yuan.