is now the rapid development of China’s Internet, e-commerce matures, large and small B2C, B2B site is dazzling, here is a brief talk about the electricity supplier giant Taobao.

2011, Taobao announced a number of data, every minute to sell 2358 clothes, the length of the year to sell clothes can be linked to the moon and the two." 2011 daily turnover reached 4 billion 380 million yuan, to the end of 2011, the highest single day unique visitors more than 120 million people, growth of 120% over the same period last year, equivalent to the total number of Internet users in China 1/4, in this year, clothing popular in every city every 10 high streets and back lanes. Users to buy 24 clothes; Home Furnishing appliances sold 310 million, equivalent to every 10 users in the home has 6 items from Taobao; digital products sold 210 million pieces of jewelry sold 130 million, sold 83 million 640 thousand sets of toys.

data show that these gorgeous Taobao popularity rate is in the development of be struck dumb, consumer groups at the same time, rely on survival businesses, also increase in proportion.

I met many small sellers, after several months of investigation and understanding, they generally reflect consumer groups increased, their business is more and more difficult to do, year after year. There are a lot of Taobao business for several years and finally had to give the seller Taobao, as well as a small part in a pat on the platform.

2011, Taobao also had a lot of people are concerned about the event, Taobao mall is about the growth margin and service fees, has caused a great disturbance in a period of time, almost all the media attention to this incident, there are many small sellers out of the history of the Taobao business difficult to cry.

I met what small sellers said, a growing number of large enterprises at present, big brands of Taobao platform for Taobao, is a good thing, but for small sellers is a nightmare. Large enterprises have the funds, the team can spend a lot of money to promote, take Taobao train the most basic promotion tools, 08, 09 years, some have ranked, out of the five angle is to promote businesses, and now, a good point of keywords just touch, one is more than two. One day there are one hundred thousand big businesses spread tens of thousands, for large enterprises, is but a drop in the bucket, even at a loss does not matter, can earn a brand awareness, to small sellers, do not make money means to survive.

what is the major business of customer service service, etc. are doing very well, many small sellers are reflected in those big brands of large enterprise customer service service, really let them catch up, all kinds of phone SMS service, some even return to pay by sf. This is what they can’t do.

they say it’s not that they don’t want to learn this