recently, "let – first financial technology and Innovation Conference held in Shanghai in the future," financial technology (Fin-tech) and the blockchain Roundtable as one of the main event, Lu Jin, ant gold clothing, fly loan financial technology, universal holdings and other business leaders to participate in the discussion. In the process of ant Payment Service Vice President and chief scientist pointed out: paint far channels, technology, data, is widely recognized by the industry of Internet Financial three resort, is compared to the traditional financial advantage. But in the Internet financial market segments – online credit, whether or not these three advantages, who can play a decisive role. Now the Internet has spawned a lot of credit products, in addition to P2P, there are flowers, ants gold clothing Bai fly loan, loan particles and so on, even the Baidu wallet is open loan business, who can take advantage of


channel dispute, the scene is important or important positioning


as everyone knows, the Internet credit is aimed at small and micro enterprises and individuals, to fly chairman Tang Xia mentioned in the loan financial technology at the April GMIC conference, Chinese has Small and micro businesses more than fifty million, accounting for more than 99% people, needless to say, the subject is the most needed credit services, but also the most difficult access to credit, because traditional financial oligarchs not see nor despise. The reason why traditional financial institutions do not catch cold, one of the biggest reason is the problem of channel efficiency. As a financial product, borrowing needs to be carried out through channels. Traditional financial institutions channel efficiency is low, which determines its limited customer throughput, so they can only improve the value of the unit customers can profit.

net loan platform just have the channel advantage, because the channel is the Internet financial platform to build various types of scenarios. Net loan work itself is Many a little make a mickle. virtual network, all kinds of Internet is an excellent channel. But the cost of a lot of net loan platform is not low. Today, regardless of the P2P business, net loan platform here refers to the outside of the P2P business model, today to ant gold clothing, particle credit, Baidu wallet and fly loan as an example, before the three attached to the BAT, after a rapid growth, from the global Internet Conference, the number of Bo will be in Guiyang, the first financial technology and Innovation Conference positive performance, is often defined as the mobile phone media app loan horse.

said the first ant ant gold service system, small loan is the ant payment service for network Small and micro businesses and individual entrepreneurs to provide microfinance products (as well as saying: small and micro loans, loan, micro credit, Bai ant Ali small loans, etc.) is the ant ant flower chanting payment service launched consumer credit products, but also is a business oriented, a personal face. The ant gold service system backed by Alibaba the entire ecosystem, by software direct lending, can deal with massive customer throughput and efficiency, this mode of operation is much higher than that of the traditional financial institutions rely on artificial credit, lending. And traditional banks are not the same, the traditional banks to pay as the most basic profit point, and Ali’s financial empire is to pay for the entrance, by the consumer of all kinds of shopping and payment field