see the web page of the sale of new software development, and then copy the contents of the web page, re open a web site, change the contact and address, after buying a real software on the crazy burn cheap dumping. So don’t want money to the poor means of committing crimes, nature will soon be uncovered by the police. Unexpectedly, this is the first case of Internet infringement.

software to forget to change contact

on the 18 day, the reporter got the news in the Municipal Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade East Lake, the country’s first network infringement case only half the time it has been uncovered in Nanchang.

was introduced by police investigators, Beijing communication world science and technology limited company to report to the China copyright protection center, a website selling their company developed software products, and billing address in Nanchang.

subsequently, the case went to Nanchang, the company also rushed to the police complaints to the police report to Nanchang. Recently, the company suddenly received many phone calls, but the software company did not sell so much, ask a software is a branch in Nanchang to buy, the company will alert on the Internet to find the infringing websites. In the site’s software is introduced in the guidance of a column, which again used the company’s contact information.

multi sectoral work together to solve the problem

May 20th, the Nanchang Municipal Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade East Lake received a report material, and Publication Market Inspection Brigade task force investigation.

after the investigation, selling software products means people not very clever, but the software company "copy, changed the name and address of the charge of R & D units, even the name of the software are not willing to change, but the price to 1/8 of the original price. So the investigation of complaints the company took up very easily, copyright registration book, the basic description of "suspected infringement complaint.

According to the

page on the left contact, the use of technical means to the police quickly locked the suspect, and recently suspect Lee and Liang arrest.

cheap sales profit fifty thousand yuan

police investigation found that Lee and Liang is brother-in-law and brother-in-law, two per capita fixed work. In April this year, two people see the online learning English software just fine, but the price is more than and 900 yuan. Two people have been fighting for the idea of replication. As a result, the two spent money to download a software, and buy a CD and CD burning. Subsequently, the two companies are still online copy of the company’s Web site, and change the address and contact information, the software price down to $128 for sale. In order to make people believe that Lee also under the guise of a college research institute.

because of Lee and logistics companies signed a contract to collect money, so the police quickly identified the suspect has sold more than 2000 Zhang Guangdie, involving fifty thousand yuan. But according to Lee explained, he also knows that this is an offence, and the arrest is only a matter of time. But because there is no fixed source of income, can not withstand the temptation of money or into.