leaked password query site traffic soared overnight


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technology news December 27th morning news, the recent domestic Internet leak intensified, Tianya, Tencent and other Internet Co were involved. The user’s worries, but also to promote more than a dozen hot night, leaked password query site traffic soared. Many websites also query to ridicule the tone of advice: don’t check, or quickly change the password.

from last week, the user name and password is stolen, it has become the most concerned about the issue of Internet users. The first is the largest community of programmers CSDN 6 million user data to be disclosed, then the user data Tianya, renren.com, 7K7K, mop.com and other sites have been compromised, and the new burst of Tencent QQ user data leakage exacerbated the tense atmosphere.

have the ability such as Li Kaifu, can download a variety of database search, investigation and personal information exposure; and for the majority of ordinary users, query tool third party can become "essential Jiapin travel home".

at least ten leaked password query site came into being overnight hot.

to Alexa data as an example, since the leak incident broke out last week, Sina Technology selection compared to the four leakage password query site arrival rate (Daily Reach) all suddenly rose. There are other data. For example, the total number of queries in a real-time release has been close to one million, and the other is to tell you that there are thousands of queries in the queue.

actually do not look at these data, but also can feel the strong demand. Many provide access to the site, the need to repeatedly submit multiple requests to return the results, these sites also often downtime.

ranks in the ranks of similar service providers, both the size of the Jinshan network of enterprises, but also ordinary individual developers. In many of the website, the query results of amihacked.mijun.net presentation by many people praise, but the service provider @ Mi Jun, a graduate student or not.

provides query services, the need to deal with about 3GB capacity of plain text data, plus the index after the data size expanded to 8GB. In addition, MI Jun constantly improve website optimization response speed. The station began his query scale traffic every day at around one hundred thousand, while the addition horizon database, access the website has Mi Jun million level.

in the leak, few users can escape, especially for the old Internet users. The leaked password query site, have a playful way, advise users to modify the password.