A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) March 19th news, six room 2 billion 600 million was sold, yes, yesterday announced the Songcheng performing arts, to $2 billion 602 million acquisition of online video sites in the room.

six room is a cutting-edge Web2.0 video website, with YouTube positioning, itself does not provide video content, providing only a video publishing platform, users upload content to the original, such as home video, video clips and so on personal DV. Six rooms currently operating www.6.cn this internet entertainment platform, is a social networking platform based on the relationship between the civilian artists and fans of Internet entertainment. According to iResearch iUserTracker data, in 2014 the average monthly number of active users statistics, six rooms is currently China’s largest internet entertainment platform website.

so far, the six room boasts more than 3000  million registered users, millions of people online at the same time every day, its signed artists is also more than 5  million people, tens of thousands of singers to participate in interactive broadcast, monthly, form an active social video website. In the profit model, the six rooms to take the user pay model, virtual goods through online entertainment sales revenue has become the company’s main source of income.

announcement shows that Songcheng intends to issue shares and payment of cash to buy six equity interest in the room of 100%. Specifically, the company intends to Songcheng group to pay 1 billion 614 million yuan acquisition of its holdings of six rooms 62% stake; the price of 27.07 yuan / share to Liu Yan 8 natural person shareholders, issue 36 million 498 thousand shares, the acquisition of its holdings of 38% stake in six rooms. Meanwhile, the company intends to not more than 5 specific investors issue shares to raise funds of not more than 650 million yuan, all used to pay cash consideration of the transaction.

"Chinese video website and change, there is now no independent video site master flow more than 10%, about 40% of the traffic from Baidu." Liu Yan said China video website industry pattern, described himself as a "bystander", "assuming no video sites, we may be allocated to the group purchase group purchase, will play more intense, these people must choose the theme of entrepreneurship."

insiders said that in view of the advantages of the six rooms in the video social networking sites and online live broadcast platform, the transaction will be injected into the Internet for the Songcheng entertainment. The core platform of Songcheng Performing Arts in six rooms for the Internet business, not only to expand the depth of the huge potential of the internet entertainment industry, but also through independent development and mergers and acquisitions, to continue the layout in other areas of interactive entertainment, the establishment of industrial clusters have diversified ecological entertainment online and offline.

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